Banner Rules & FAQ

MN SCBWI Banner Contest

Each year MN SCBWI hosts an illustration contest to showcase the talent of our illustrator members. Please follow these guidelines when submitting your banner illustration to Alicia Schwab.

Next deadline: January 31, 2021.

Do these 7 things to ENTER!

  1. JOIN, this contest is for members of Minnesota SCBWI.
  2. CREATE your horizontal banner at this size: 4538 x 825 pixels at 300 dpi RGB, JPG, (or, exactly 15 1/8 inches x 2 3/4 inches). The image should be in keeping with the children’s literature theme. Please leave room for the text: “Minnesota SCBWI Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators”. Any entry not cropped to the exact size will be disqualified. There are several free APPS available online to crop your artwork (if you don’t use Photoshop).
  3. SAVE your file name “LastNameBanner2digityear.jpg” (i.e. SchwabBanner21.jpg)
  4. EMAIL to Alicia Schwab, SCBWI-Minnesota Illustrator Coordinator, at by 1/31/21.  One entry per member. Please include your website URL, if you’d like us to link to it. If you DO NOT get a confirmation email from me, I may not have received it. Please follow up with me at the above email.
  5. VOTE February 1st–8th, 2021 All MN SCBWI members will be sent a link to a survey. Check your inbox for an email from MNSCBWI.
  6. ENJOY The winning banner will be displayed on our regional homepage and the SCBWI Minnesota Postcard Gallery blog for one year. All entries can be found on the SCBWI Minnesota Postcard Gallery, Banner page.